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IP Your Way

At SmartDV, we believe there’s a better way to do IP.

Whether you’re sourcing design IP for your next SoC, ASIC, or FPGA, or seeking verification solutions to put your chip design through its paces, we can quickly and reliably customize our extensive portfolio to meet your unique needs.

Don’t allow other IP suppliers to force one-size-fits-all cores into your design. Get the IP you need, tailored to your specs, with SmartDV: IP Your Way.

The Power of Customized IP

While other IP vendors lock their customers into using off-the-shelf cores, SmartDV affords you the flexibility to customize solutions to suit your unique design requirements. Using our proprietary SmartCompiler™, our engineers can optimize our interface IP for your chip design by adding, adjusting, or removing features. We can also pre-integrate IP to significantly reduce your time to market.

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IP Offerings At-A-Glance

Our catalog of 700+ interface IP products and verification solutions (VIP) is an ideal place to start your design. Are you looking for multiple IP cores for your chip? Our experts can help you assemble a bespoke subsystem, pre-integrated for easy incorporation into your SoC, ASIC, or FPGA.

Design IP
Semiconductor design IP (intellectual property) is sometimes referred to as implementation IP or silicon IP. Reusable electronic design units are created by an IP supplier, such as SmartDV. These IP blocks or cores are then licensed to ASIC, SoC, or FPGA designers, offering them a competitive advantage and speeding time to market through the incorporation of robust, proven technology. Browse IP
Simulation VIP
Simulation VIP is instrumental in building a testbench to verify the functionality of a design under test (DUT) at both device level and system level. These configurable, customizable verification components for industry standards and protocols can substantially shorten simulation runtime. Browse IP
Emulation/FPGA Transactor VIP
A transactor is a transaction-based VIP that allows an engineer to efficiently build a test environment that addresses the specifications of applicable industry standards and protocols. Transactors establish communication channels between the design under test (DUT) and testbench software. Browse IP
Formal Assertion VIP
In formal verification, assertions are used to define valid inputs/constraints and properties for the design under test (DUT). Writing formal assertions manually can be laborious and time-consuming. Formal assertion VIP helps verification engineers get started with formal more quickly and easily. Browse IP
Post-Silicon Validation VIP
Post-silicon validation is conducted after silicon fabrication to test a new chip’s functional compliance to design specifications. PSVIP tests a broad selection of standard interface protocols. It is reusable and includes advanced configurations, error injection, and a status-reporting interface. Browse IP
Support the Way It Should Be

All companies claim to put customers first. Why, then, do so many IP suppliers decline to customize their cores? At SmartDV, you’ll find the quality, reliable IP you need, plus the flexibility to optimize it for your design. We pride ourselves on rigorous testing and strive for 100% code and functional coverage of all IP before deployment.

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Let’s Get Together

Whether you’re licensing a single design IP core from us or dozens of VIP products, our team will work alongside you at every step to ensure a successful integration.

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Our Team = Your Team

In tandem with our highly skilled AEs, SmartDV’s IP designers take an active role in user support. If you’re facing a tough design problem, we’ll solve it together!

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Stress-Free Tapeout

Time-to-market matters, and so does your budget. We’ll help you customize and optimize IP while keeping your chip design project on deadline and on cost.

Trusted by the World’s Best

SmartDV IP can be found in the chip designs of 300+ customers around the world—including seven of the top 10 semiconductor companies and four of the largest consumer electronics suppliers. Here’s what some of our users have to say about working with us:

SmartDV’s strength lies in the individualized customization of VIP and the speed of their support. SmartDV has been flexible in responding to our requests for additional features and improving the readability of our development manuals. This is what differentiates SmartDV from other VIP vendors.

Manager, Development Department, RICOH

We view SmartDV as a valued and trusted partner of some of the most important VIP solutions we use in our chip design verification projects.

Jay Slivkoff, Kinetic Technologies
(formerly MegaChips Technology)

SmartDV is an industry leader for design and verification IP solutions offering comprehensive and up-to-date support for many standard protocols.

Louie De Luna, Aldec

Often there are tweaks needed to use an IP block effectively. That usually translates into additional manpower at the vendor to implement the tweaks and associated delivery delays. This is not the case at SmartDV. Thanks to their proprietary compiler, the company can implement modifications in days.

Mike Gianfagna, SemiWiki